Threemilestone Judo Club

Founded by David Dowding back in 1985. It's reputation has

been growing recently due to the great teachings of David

Dowding, Chris & Ben Wells, Ian Nicholls  & Joseph Varker. 

We are a family friendly club, and all our members, know how to

combine learning with fun!

 Threemilestone Judo Club aims to acheive, the balance between

outstanding Judo, and having fun at the same time. So far, and I

think many people will agree, we seem to be doing alright!

 With medals being won from almost every competition, and

every member putting 110% into their technique, there is no

arguing, that Threemilestone Judo Club has a growing reputation

and sets high standards for others to follow.

© Steve Varker Threemilestone Judo Club 2014
Threemilestone  Judo Club